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Empathy Matters is a collaborative effort between Tracey Fearn and Maria Ulloa, who have developed innovative interventions and techniques to promote positive change and build healthy relationships between individuals, families, and communities.

These interventions have the potential to have transformative effects within a short time frame.

Empathy Matters evolved from our desire to share this potentially life changing knowledge with others to create “healthy, empathic environments” at home, school, and work places.

From observing and experiencing the impact of applying these simple but effective strategies, we are committed to working alongside others to support universal change one person at a time.

tracey fearn & maria ulloa

Tracey Fearn

“My passion is people. I love talking to and connecting with people, and am always amazed at how unique each of us are. I love supporting individuals to discover and embrace their uniqueness and talents.”

Tracey is an RGON (Registered General & Obstetric Nurse), Certified in Aromatherapy, Dip Counselling, and Post Grad Cert Health Science – Addictions and Co-existing Disorders. She is a skilled health and well-being practitioner and educator, with qualifications as a nurse, mental health clinician, and counsellor. She has worked extensively in the health sector and in tertiary education. Tracey has expertise in clinical assessment, group facilitation, reflective & attention-focused practices, and complementary therapies in various health settings.

Maria Ulloa

“I love working with parents, teachers, and most of all children. I truly enjoy aligning and integrating multiple areas of scientific knowledge with an experiential approach and sharing learning that is critical to childhood development and mental health.

Maria has a PhD in Psychology. After working as a child psychologist and early childhood teacher in the UK, she became interested in researching the emotional experience of learning and teaching. She has worked in the fields of therapeutic childcare, child development researching, and early attachment assessment. Maria continues researching on the impact of parents and teachers’ emotional awareness in supporting children’s emotional competence.

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