attending our workshops empowers you to raise happier, healthier children

Workshops flow through four stages of covering material, starting with the research our system
is based on and ending with solutions for real world examples.

1 - Theory

We describe the science and research that informs our approach

2 - Exercises

We use scenarios to learn the practical application of emotion based skills

3 - Synchronicity

Explore the child's inner world and the inter-relational aspects of unfolding behavior through attention focused practice

4 - Reflection

Develop reflective skills using an emotional focused approach

In New Zealand, a very comprehensive early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki (Ministry of Education, 1996) explicitly mentions the importance of addressing emotions and identifies the way in which children’s emotional competence can be supported by teachers utilizing explicit and implicit strategies embedded in the core of early childhood education.

Taking a holistic view, Te Whāriki addresses the importance of positive emotions and the nature of the relationship between young children and adult teachers. One of the broad principles of Te Whāriki emphasizes the importance of “responsive and reciprocal” relationships between adults and children.

By combining the principles of Te Whāriki along with research-based techniques, Empathy Matters has developed workshops, services, and consultancies revolving around helping parents and educators to increase the emotional intelligence and competence of children.

As a group we will explore and integrate the theory of emotional competence and the neurobiological research using experiential approaches and techniques.

In the third stage of the workshop there is a focus on empathic adult/child communication.

We will explore participants’ real life examples, analyzing the inter-relational aspects of each of these.

Bringing our own experiences for discussion provides a context to make sense of the emotional world between self and others. Reflection gained from this process supports individuals to be better equipped to connect with themselves and with the child.

The connections made from the new learning contribute to internal shifts in relational and behavioural patterns.

Acquisition of self reflection skills will support positive adjustment in attachment relationships. The impact of this work leads to the child being better equipped to regulate and manage their emotions and consequently become more resilient.

other services we provide

Empathy Matters provides services in addition to working with parents and educators either directly or through our workshops.

Professional Services:

Our professional services include attachment based assessments for family court, custody, and other legal requirements.


We are able to provide training and consultation to social service and health professionals in the area of emotional competence, attachment, supervision, and reflective practice.

In addition we also offer child psychotherapy, play therapy, and parent/infant interventions along with attachment assessments for infants and pre-schoolers.

Organizational Consultancy:

We provide organizational consultancy, which includes observation and assessment followed by training to enhance organizational performance and productivity.


Training is also offered focusing on stress reduction strategies for employees in the workplace and for those who are facing organizational and social change.

Team building and work based attachment relationships, alongside coaching on conflict and change management resolution for managers is included in our work with organizations.


Empathy Matters also provides psycho educational training for social services, health professionals, and organizations.

We teach brain development and function, where you will learn about the connections between neurobiology, social, emotional, and physical development aspects of the individual.

We also cover attachment theory and applications and provide practical strategies to cultivate resilience.

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